Affiliate program - unique offer. Affiliate program not difficult, requires a simple, ordinary movements.

Affiliate program gives opportunity to earn money, after selecting program, automatically become member team.

Principle partners program - download, register, divided address. Click a button - program activated. Anyone who goes on advertising - "your". System distributes users - start getting 5% from total volume of funds spent by "your" guests.

How it works?

Download app, sign up. Next - choose menu "share", trying to put  link in pages various social networking sites. People start to visit the resource with new registrant, volume of profits would increase. Partnership contract must be interest.

Partnership programs has different pleasant moments, including not only title of "partner", application for partnership, but earning facilities. Affiliate program - specially designed for all who use app to share information - friends, family, strangers Internet. 

In addition, there is another option - referral program.
Partnership programs are convenient . When amount of earnings at affiliate app will be allowed on display, affiliate program allows to carry out operation.